Westmalle Tripel Clone

This is recipe is making it’s debut on my new brew sculpture, Sir Ballington. It’s a 15 gal batch with a total grist weight of 44.35 pounds! That’s nearly an entire sack of malt! This is my second brew on Sir Ballington. The first recipe I used was a single malt and whatever hops I had in the freezer that still looked passable. I’ll be splitting this beer with my buddy Josh so I’ll have 10 gal and he’ll take 5. He will be providing the yeast which he cultured from three beers: Duvel, Pirat IPA, and Delirium Tremens. I got the recipe from the book “Clone Brews.” I’ve brewed several recipes from that source and all have served me well.

Style Information

Name: Belgain Tripel
Recipe Type: All Grain

Grains & Extracts

Name Amount Notes
German Pilsen Malt (2-Row) 43.6 #
Belgian Aromatic .75 #


Name Amount Alpha Acid % AAU Time Notes
US Goldings 5 oz 0% 0 15
Hallertaur 2 oz 0% 0 15
Saaz 2 oz 0% 0 5


Name Type Use Amount Time Notes
Light Candi Sugar Flavor Boil 3 # 90

Mash Steps

Name Step Type Step Time Temperature
Sac. Rest Infusion 90 150


Water Description:
Time: 90 minutes
Target Batch Size: 16


Estimated OG: 1.088
Estimated FG: 1.018
Estimated ABV: 9.27%
Bitterness: 26 IBU
Estimated Color: 5 SRM

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