Honeyman SP to Sunset Beach

In the summer of 2009 I rode my bike 2100 miles down the Pacific coast from Blaine, WA to San Ysidro, CA. I started riding on Aug. 12th and reached the border on Nov. 22nd. This is my ride diary. The prelude to this diary can be found here.

Honeyman SP to Sunset Beach

  • Day 12 8/23
  • 57 (64.71) mi.
  • 12.1 mph av
  • 5:20 hr
  • 709.7 tot mi.
  • 2390.8 odo
  • 70.97 mi / day

The stats for today include a trip back into town. 57 miles was the original ride total. Also the average miles / day includes miles from rest days but not the days themselves.

The day overall was ok. Riding was good, mostly. I did catch some of that tailwind but not as much as I did yesterday.

I think I started riding at 8:30 this morning. I made decent progress till the first stop for coffee in Reedsport. It’s an industrial town, no charm at all. I saw a trio of bikers at the coffee stop who were at Honeyman last night. They were pulling a century today! I’ll be doing the same distance in two days. Hearing that made me reevaluate my pace. I constantly hear people say 50 mi. per day is a really easy pace. I think it’s fine. For the kind of tour I’m doing 50 miles per day is reasonable. A lot of it has to do with the route along the way I think. If there were more places to linger I think I’d find 50 miles a good distance. Also I’m locked into the available campgrounds as well. Right now I’m only staying at parks with hiker-biker sites and showers. That has forced me to conform my distance each day. Ideally I’d like to do 60 – 75 miles per day. Perhaps I will in California.

The scenery along the way was mostly forests. Every now and then I’d see the dunes too. I rode alongside the OR Dunes National Recreation Area for the majority of the day. I stopped once at a park on the edge of the dunes. I took a couple pictures but they didn’t do them justice I think. They are so foreign! they look like scenes from Lawrence of Arabia. I never even got to see them properly either.

While riding along the dunes I stopped at a weigh station and discovered that my bike weighs 250 pounds! Thankfully it’s well within all weight restrictions.

The next stop was North Bend/Coos Bay. To get there I had to cross an especially windy bridge. The Adventure Cycling map said to walk across and I am real glad that I did! I had trouble controlling my bike while walking, I can’t imagine what it would have been like to ride it! The towns after the bridge remind me of Bremerton without the naval base. I stopped at a Safeway to pick up some groceries. Strangely the store had WiFi so I could get on the net while I shopped. I found a brewery in town; got my heart set on going there; then had my plans ruined when I called them and heard that the number was disconnected. As consolation I went to a Chinese buffet instead. It was pretty crappy. I got to eat frog legs there but they were over cooked.

After riding through some more small towns I reached my camp for the night, Sunset Bay. Aptly named in my case because this is the first time I’ve actually seen the sunset over the ocean. I nearly missed it too. I showed up just after eight and caught the last minute of the sunset.

Tonight I’m alone in the camp. I think it’s an unpopular site for hiker-bikers.

  • Spent over $30 today
  • Bought some bananas.

P.S. Should have brought long johns and a larger towel.

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