ElevationChart++: A Google Chart Visualization. – I wrote this while working on Ride Free Bike Maps. The visualization is a simple column chart with a few nifty features like custom color schemes and the ability to utilize both horizontal and vertical data. This works well as an elevation plot for Google Maps.

Black Market Boutique: Bellingham Vintage Consignment – This is my wife’s shop. She runs a vintage consignment shop. I made her website and tied up loose ends for her overall web presence.

Bellingham Homebrewers Guild – This is the homebrew club that I belong to. I was the president for 3 years, during that time I created their entire web presence. Some of it has proven less than useful, homebrewers are generally not technophilles so any kind of communication needs to be SIMPLE! We use a Bellingham Homebrewers Guild Google Groups Page more than anything else. The groups page is what works for the guild. It’s a message board for the guys that do like using the web and it’s just email for the guys that don’t.

Sir Ballington Brew System – This is my dream homebrew system. I designed and built it myself. It’s got a 15 gal capacity so if I wanted I could brew a full keg of beer at once! It’s a two tier HERMS system with a single pump. Fluid movement is controlled entirely with SS ball valves. Periodically I’ve added improvements which are published as posts under the Sir Ballington Tag.

Ride Free Bike Maps – I have built this web site from the ground up. It is a Google Maps utility that allows you to make bike maps which are formatted to use in a bike map holder or just to save online.┬áMy first and largest coding project is unfortunately no longer alive. It was killed due to Google Maps API updates which I was unable to keep up with. I moved into a more demanding job and I had to triage my hobbies. Brewing won and Ride Free Bike Maps suffered. I would like to resurrect the project using OpenStreetMaps. I believe it would suit my purposes much better, however, it would require starting from scratch. Given the scope and my lessened desire to rewrite the entire project, I don’t know if it will ever return.

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