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Bikehugger Demonstrates Google Bike Maps

I found this while musing about Google’s bike maps. The video is shot by bikehugger. It is a simple demonstration of Google’s bike maps. I was looking for way to improve my bike mapsweb app. When I found the video.

It isn’t super special but it does show how and why users should report problems to Google when they encounter problems using the bike maps.

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Change of Direction!

Initially I had planned for this blog to strictly be a promotional tool for my other blog/webapp After making this blog and failing to update it all I decided to abandon that idea and turn this into a personal blog.

The initial idea was to make all kinds of posts optimized for the keywods ‘bike maps.’ Now I’m just gonna post about the things that I’m into, cycling, beer, tech, and whatever adventures I get into. I’ll be doing a lot of posting using posterous so if you prefer you can get the same quality content there!

So don’t expect too much from this blog. It is going to be my ‘fun only’ blog. If you are down to look at the random pics I take with my phone and various rants and ramblings great! Subscribe to the rss!

Until next time!


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Google Bike Maps!

Well they havent come about yet but they will soon! Check out the Google maps trike in action:

Amazing! I can’t wait for Google to unveil their ‘bike there’ option. It is rumored that they will be doing it soon, what ever that means. I am especially excited because I have written a web app that formats Google maps to use in a bike map holder. My goal it to take free information from Google and using web 2.0 magic create some really useful tools. When they finally do release ‘bike there’ my web app will be able to chart the best route for cyclists.

As it stands my software is best when used with other bike maps.  I add more functionality to it all the time so check it out and leave me a comment!

Ride Free Bike Maps

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