Ride Free Bike Maps bug fix

So I made another little bug fix to I don’t know if I want to announce it on the site cause it’s minor and another under the hood thing.

I’ve been plagued by a mysterious error for some time now. I could start creating a map and suddenly the markers and route overlay line would get all wonky. The wrong lines would get cleared from the map when I moved/deleted a marker. I couldn’t figure it out for the life of me. I made a lot of fixes but the problem just keep happening. Today I figured out that it was a server error on Google’s part. Google then would send my app that info but my app didn’t do anything with it. In fact I completely ignored weather Google had a route to give to me at all, oops. I made a quick fix today that should take care of the problem. Now if there is a random error the program will retry the offending directions. If the error is permanent, like trying to get directions in Antarctica, an alert will pop up and let you know that the directions couldn’t be calculated and it will delete your last marker.

Of course I’m having a hard time testing the random error so… time will tell.

Fake Edit: I’m still getting an error from that problem. I don’t have any more time to work on it though so I’ll have to pick it up tomorrow.

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Google Bike Maps!

Well they havent come about yet but they will soon! Check out the Google maps trike in action:

Amazing! I can’t wait for Google to unveil their ‘bike there’ option. It is rumored that they will be doing it soon, what ever that means. I am especially excited because I have written a web app that formats Google maps to use in a bike map holder. My goal it to take free information from Google and using web 2.0 magic create some really useful tools. When they finally do release ‘bike there’ my web app will be able to chart the best route for cyclists.

As it stands my software is best when used with other bike maps.  I add more functionality to it all the time so check it out and leave me a comment!

Ride Free Bike Maps

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