May 9, 2011, 7:07 p.m.

County Line Park to Ft. Stevens SP

In the summer of 2009 I rode my bike 2100 miles down the Pacific coast from Blaine, WA to San Ysidro, CA. I started riding on Aug. 12th and reached the border on Nov. 22nd. This is my ride diary. The prelude to this diary can be found here.

  • Day 6

  • 54.02 mi.

  • 10.9 mph av

  • 4:50 hr

  • 414.4 tot mi.

  • 2095.5 odo

Today was another hard start. It was a foggy and cold out. I finally had the sense not to wear my rainpants to combat the cold. The sun came out eventually and beat off all the cold and fog. I think it was eight-thirtyish when I got on the road.

The mornings ride was good. It was mostly uphill but it was in a long construction site that had a flagger so the cars were all grouped together and spread out over long time periods. I wasn't riding very fast all day. It was easy because of that. I figured since it was going to be a short ride I might as well go slow.

There wasn't a whole lot to see along the way. I took a ferry in Cathlamet to Oregon then out hwy 30 to Astoria. Before I got there I ate some devine ice cream in Knappa Junction. I don't think the ice cream was really that good but the hills behind me and the sweat that was covering me made it taste that much better.

In Astoria I met a couple of bike punks heading north. We swapped travel logs and they told me about a place to camp in a marsh a couple miles out of town. I decided against that idea. I need a place with water. After that I went to a bike shop to have my wheel trued. The guy got it on the stand and fixed it within 20 min. I was impressed. He liked my bike buckets. He also wished me good luck on the tour. I also grabbed new brake pads while I was there.

Outside the shop I met a homeless guy who gave me a map of the Or coast bike route and advised me to take care not to leave my cyclometer on my bike. He really got me excited for the upcoming ride through OR. The hiker biker sites only cost $4 and they have free hot showers! I think the next leg of the trip is going to be great.

Tonight I'm camped at Ft. Stevens State Park. Tomorrow I'll ride back into Astoria for a rest day!

  • Money Spent: $38


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