July 19, 2011, 7:27 p.m.

ElevationChart++: My first open source software project

Source Code and Documentation

While developing ridefreebikemaps.com I needed to create an elevation profile for the routes. Initially I used the example provided by Google. That worked for a while but after I got a few big updates out of the way I decided to work on the elevation profile more. I had three goals for the profile:

  • Display elevation data in a graph and exact values when the mouse is over the graph.

  • Show the location of the elevation data on the map when the mouse is over the graph.

  • Use the elevation profile to control where the map is divided.

I have achieved all those goals but I don't know if the last one will stick around. Currently it's a hidden feature and I don't think it's useful.

I've never developed anything open source before. The only goal I have for this project is that it gets accepted into the Google chart visualization gallery. Hopefully it will be of some use to people there. I put off developing it for a while because I really didn't care about it when much sexier/larger/important features needed to be worked on.